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Sink Strainer Filter Bag



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Say goodbye to nail cleaning food doping! 

Our Sink Strainer Filter Bag is very effective in collecting waste, making it easy to keep the sink clean in the kitchen and bathroom. 

High density fine mesh makes it a true filter to capture all small particles that would easily slide through the sink.
Elastic property makes it perfect for all size of sinks and drains for daily usage.
    • Flexible for Universal Application :
      One strainer bag fits all sizes of sinks

    • Highly Dense Fine Mesh :
      Effectively in filtering a variety of tiny particles that are larger than 100 microns, such as food residue, hair, paper scraps, fabric and any other garbage
    • Clean & Convenient :
      Simply put the net on the sink for collecting waste, no need to clean it by hand

    • Prevent Strain Blockage :
      One-off effective cleaning which eliminates bacterial growth

    • Environmental and High Quality :
      Made of premium nylon with good toughness and strong load-bearing, no irritating smell

    • Material: Nylon
    • Size: 9 cm x 9 cm


      • 1.Kitchen Sink Strainer Bag (30 pcs)
      • 2.Kitchen Sink Strainer Bag (100 pcs)

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