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Cookie Star - Cookie Maker


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We all love to enjoy family time! If you are looking for something special to eat with that cup of coffee, or something to do for the kids, we have something for you.

Do you like to cook and make cookies? Then surprise your whole family with delicious cookies! Now you can easily make a perfectly shaped cookie with Cookie Star - Cookie Maker!

Making cookies has never been so simple! But with the Cookie Star - cookie maker, you can simply place it directly on the cookie sheet and lower the lever to make perfect shaped cookies. It will save your time and you will fill the entire baking sheet with delicious cookies in minutes!

If you are a pastry chef, you definitely have to add a cookie maker to your arsenal of tools!

  • prepare cookies easily and quickly
  • decorate cakes, desserts, sandwiches, canapés, stuff donuts, etc.
  • Simple and convenient design that makes cooking fast and fun
  • make 1000 different cookies using various types of dough and decorate them according to your preference
  • the ergonomic mold of the Biscuit Maker is made of anodized aluminum so that no residue is released into the dough.

    Package content:
    1 x Cookie Machine
    4 x Nozzles
    20 x Molds

    Note: 1 full cookie machine will allow you to prepare up to 20-25 large cookies or 35-40 small cookies


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