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Knee Support Patella Strap
Knee Support Patella Strap
Knee Support Patella Strap
Knee Support Patella Strap
Knee Support Patella Strap
Knee Support Patella Strap
Knee Support Patella Strap

Knee Support Patella Strap

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    Why do you need PrettyCare Knee Straps?

    1.  Preventing Muscle Strain: Your knee is surrounded by damageable ligament.  Vigorous exercise can cause strain and damage to these ligaments.  With our knee strap, your knee is safe.

    2.  Also in the knee area, the Medial Meniscus is connected to the  medial collateral ligament and can be injured with intense exercise.  Our knee straps help to absorb the tension in the knee to reduce the risk of inflammation.

    3. The Patella also resides in this region. Exercise can displace the patella, causing serious injury. Our knee straps allow you to exercise safe with the knowledge that your damageable ligaments and muscles are protected.


    Unique Design

    A unique Silicon insert adapts to the shape of the knee, helping to support and secure the patella, as well as improve shock absorption, compressive strength, and impact resistance.


    Soft Materials

    1. Internally, soft Suede fabrics effortlessly reduce skin rubbing and a diamond shape promotes breathability.
    2. Externally, LYCRA fabric forms a durable, resilient covering that is resistant to pilling (forming little tufts of fabric).


    Will not restrict your movements and lets you do any physical activity with ease. The padding provides great support for the knee, perfect for when you're walking up or down an incline.


    Adaptable and adjustable to provide suitable tight compression to your knee, relieve pain, and stay secure but not influence your flexibility.


    Sweat absorbing fabric prevents any discomfort. straps keeps everything secure without pilling.