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Artistic Confectionery - Nozzle Kit & Buy 2 Free Shipping



  • 24pcs
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Do you know those photos and videos of beautifully decorated cupcakes and cakes? I'm sure you feel like doing something the same, don't you?

Now you can use all your creativity and create your own cake and cupcake design!

Our Kit de 8 nozzles - Artistic Confectionery was created for those who, with little or no experience with confectionery, are eager to venture into the kitchen creatively.

Just imagine, in addition to creating a variety of decorations for your birthday cakes, you can still get an extra buck!

It's simple, just attach the confectioner's bag to the coupler with the spout of your choice and then tighten!

Check out some tips from our team on what to do: Sunflowers, Leaves, Whipped Cream, Icing and more.

It is usable in confectioner bags with standard or large coupler.

  • Food grade steel 100% stainless and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable, easy to wash and handle
  • Resistant to deformation and corrosion
  • Design that facilitates ornamental creation


    Height: 35 mm
    Bottom diameter: 18 mm

    Package content:

    • 24 x Nozzles
    • 1 x Icing bag
    • 1 x Coupler


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